• Reduction of landfilled materials.
  • Optimising the use of precious natural resources by recycling           secondary raw materials.
  • Helping waste producing factories make themselves more “GREEN” thinking and being environmentally friendly.
  • To act as  global partner in recycling  refractory materials.
  • Support our partners to reduce their refractory waste.
  • Reduction of emissions and improving the carbon footprint by introducing recycled products.
  • Protection of natural resources.
  • Producing new products by introducing secondary materials.





Work worldwide with different industries to reclaim as much as possible secondary materials to be reused, using our experiences, innovative ideas and resources.


Company Profile


REF Minerals  is active in secondary raw materials recycling since 1997. Today REF Minerals group of companies operates mainly in glass, glassfiber and metallurgical industries, offering following services:


- Dismantling furnaces

- Sorting refractory debris

- Cleaning of materials

- Waste management and disposal services

- Processing secondary raw materials


REF Minerals is a worldwide supplier of secondary raw materials to serve the refractory and ceramic industry. We contribute saving natural resources and support our customers to benefit from sustainable use of reclaimed materials.  Among our long term customers are several world leading refractory producers and plants serving the ceramic industry.




Company Structure


REF Minerals is a European based company operating worldwide through its own subsidiaries and partners.  This network allows us to source reclaimed raw materials in different industries, which are sorted, cleaned, graded and made ready for sale. REF Minerals operates their own processing plants, which enable us to produce different  sizes and qualities on customer demands.

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