We make others sustainable

REF Minerals

REF Minerals is a European-based company which has been operating worldwide through its own subsidiaries and partners since 1997. We contribute to saving natural resources and support our customers in benefiting from the sustainable use of reclaimed materials.


REF Minerals makes
others sustainable

By providing a full cycle of material recycling in the refractory and ceramic industries

A process that allows to predict the future

Sales and distribution of recycled materials

Dismantling glass and glass fibre aggregates

Processing circular raw materials

Sorting refractory debris

Cleaning materials

Waste management and disposal services


We move over 50,000 tons of various circular raw materials around the world annually. We have established a reliable network of transportation and logistics companies, thereby enabling us to deliver materials to our customers at any place around the globe.


Seboref Minerals is an integral part of REF Minerals group, which specialises in glass, glass fibre aggregate demolition and refractory material recycling. Together with REF minerals, it thereby ensures effective and fast material recycling process.